Monday, January 10, 2011

Tripple S B Holliday Extravaganza

Triple S B re united...

We went to dinner and of course we sat in the appropriate spots, Blondies vs. Brownies... we all know that blondes rule and brownies are..... ok.

After din we met up with the old high school crew and played wii dance. Sooo Hilarious, seriously everyone should play this game because it is like you are just busting out in choreographed dance... One day I will cheat on someone with choreography, and I will like it.

Classic pic, squished in the back of the beemer. (+ Hannah is texting)

The gifts... I am obsessed with my New Headphones! Thanks Han! I hope Andrea can find a spot for that poodle lamp in her "guest bathroom"... sss sss sss

Such a great reunion and the best part is that we made the decision to go see all 50 states with all of our friends. We already have 5 checked off the list (Utah... duh, Idaho, Montana, California, and Arizona). This years trip is to Vegas so we can check off Nevada... Next year probably Seattle. I can't wait until we get into the butt crack of the nation aka the Midwest, that should be interesting, but fun because we will all be hanging together! I love all of these girls and can't wait until our next reunion!


  1. Triple sb is the best! Can't wait for the Dakotas its going to be great. ps brownies definately rule!

  2. My "guest bathroom"? hahahaha Love the pics Abs! Go Blondies!