Thursday, January 13, 2011

Check it..

How great is this... It is like a scrabble board built in front of a church. I love it.


For Christmas we gave each other snuggies.... wearing one feels just like wearing a robe backwards, which is awesome! Or at the very least a blanket with arms.... great way to spend our night.... this video is about how dumb snuggies are check it out...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tripple S B Holliday Extravaganza

Triple S B re united...

We went to dinner and of course we sat in the appropriate spots, Blondies vs. Brownies... we all know that blondes rule and brownies are..... ok.

After din we met up with the old high school crew and played wii dance. Sooo Hilarious, seriously everyone should play this game because it is like you are just busting out in choreographed dance... One day I will cheat on someone with choreography, and I will like it.

Classic pic, squished in the back of the beemer. (+ Hannah is texting)

The gifts... I am obsessed with my New Headphones! Thanks Han! I hope Andrea can find a spot for that poodle lamp in her "guest bathroom"... sss sss sss

Such a great reunion and the best part is that we made the decision to go see all 50 states with all of our friends. We already have 5 checked off the list (Utah... duh, Idaho, Montana, California, and Arizona). This years trip is to Vegas so we can check off Nevada... Next year probably Seattle. I can't wait until we get into the butt crack of the nation aka the Midwest, that should be interesting, but fun because we will all be hanging together! I love all of these girls and can't wait until our next reunion!


Nana Sandwich.

Ellis was Baptized on Saturday morning! I am so proud of him, he is my favorite brother... no question! So funny and talented, can't wait to see what he does with his life.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

getting the goggle tan on.

Such a great ski day, just chillin out of the inversion in the dopest spot with the most beautiful view soaking up the sun. Loved every minute.

Friday, January 7, 2011


How would you feel if you lived here?

A) Like you were living out the dreams of your childhood.
B) As if your life had become a twisted version of whoooville on the Grinch (because there is no Christmas theme but it is pretty wacked out)
C) Like your life was a party and you were stuck in a tripppp...

It's in Rio.. and I want to visit it one day because I really do think it looks fun.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Last Night...

we hopped in Morgan's whip... which at times can seem like a ride at Disneyland (because she is such an awesome driver) and went to meet our friends at a bowling alley...

But the best part of the night was when we got back to Bryan Ave. and Mash and Matt came for a surprise visit... best kind of prize is a SURPRISE!!!! We just were nobs and Matt "tried" to teach us how to juggle... classic... we are going to make our own circus... and we will rake in the dough I am sure of it.

PS The pic of Matt being our Polgy husband could show you how awesome we are...

BTW: tonight we played wii dance... 3 words A MAZE ING. we plan on getting really good and doing a choreographed dance in public...

sssss sssss

Dear girls who take pictures of themselves in the mirror,

You do realize that you can turn the camera around and see what is in the shot with the mirror right?

-Sincerely Smart

I just thought this was funny, probably because I can think of ten girls who take pictures like this on a regular basis... check this website out:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pillow Talk

I love chatting in my bed with Beth and Chlo!

Doug's Birthday.

This is for Roundiz...

Caitlin. I know you were concerned that since I deleted my facebook you wouldn't be able to get my pixxxx welll.... A) I think you should be proud of me that it has been gone for almost 3 weeks now, and I am almost to the point of not wanting it back. B) I will blog you some pixx but I don't know if you want me to... here is one to start us off on the blog of pictures replacing my FB pix.