Thursday, January 6, 2011

sssss sssss

Dear girls who take pictures of themselves in the mirror,

You do realize that you can turn the camera around and see what is in the shot with the mirror right?

-Sincerely Smart

I just thought this was funny, probably because I can think of ten girls who take pictures like this on a regular basis... check this website out:


  1. Dude, that website is hilarious. And so are you. Let's watch Passions and get a gas station donut sometime.

  2. Haha such a great website! I love that you are blogging! I hope our drop by last night makes the blog!

  3. Oh my lets do! I feel like I could handle Passions Tuesdays at Mashas??? ehhh ehhh... Don't worry.. the stop by is the next post!