Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FUNerAL a.k.a. FUN for ALL!

While this picture seems slightly psychotic, and you probably think I am a serial killer.... I am not, but I think that it illustrates the point I want to make. You can't spell FUNeral with out the word FUN!

I hope that my life is amazing, but doesn't everyone? I hope that I can make a difference in this world, even if I only doing something that effects one person, that still is one person and that would be awesome! It is kind of difficult to think about where my life will take me... but wherever it takes me, I want my life to be something to celebrate when everything is said and done. Life is a gift and I hope I never forget it!!

This is what is going to happen the day that I die....

It is going to be the best summer day and I hopefully I will married at this point in my life, and hopefully my husband is still alive. I think I will spend the day at the lake, or at a beach or probably by some body of water even if it is just the pool... And it is going to be the perfect temperature outside. The temperature when you can just wear a sundress and be perfectly warm, not sweating but you don't need a jacket. And I will just hang with all my favorite people all day. And I will probably eat a bowl of rice chex at some point because they are my very favorite food.... Maybe I will wake surf, or go long boarding, roller blading or just chill but I just want to feel happy and content. (I want it to feel like those days at the deeg when it is just getting warm and the only thing you need to do to make you feel happy is sit on the roof and watch the sunset, Diet Coke in hand that you have just walked to the Sev to get) The day will end at a Red Sox Game I will sing Sweet Caroline during the seventh inning stretch and then right in the beginning of the Eighth inning I will get pegged in the head by a foul ball. And I will be dead, right there, that will be the end.

And then I will have the best FuNeral! I will spend my life savings on it, maybe someone will give a speech, but just one short speech, because everyone doesn't need to sit there any longer than that. To me dying isn't sad, it's an adventure! So for all the poor suckers that I will have left on this earth there will be fun and games to make their lives better! After the speech everyone will have a balloon that they will let go of, I am thinking like 1,000 balloons at the same time and then the party will start!!!! With Cotton Candy for Mk, all the treats you can eat, (dip n'dots, gelato, girl scout cookies, you name it and it's there). There is def going to have to be a Farris wheel, a roller coaster, and pretty much anything dope you can think of!! Hope you can all make it!!! I will be taking requests for what you want at the FUN for ALL FUNerAL!!!!!!