Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everybody's a winner...

That my friends is what we like to call a load of garbage.

So last night we were watching the Jazz game, just drinking some DDP (diet dr. pep = wayyyyy better than DC obviously because it has 23 flavors or something like that, but not bagging on DC because thats great just not as good) and the bottle told me that everyone was a winner. So I tried to make Aubree go online to redeem our prize. Little did I know you have to jump through infinity hoops to even get to the part where it says click here to redeem your prize. After spending what felt like an hour getting to that point typing in fake names and email addresses so I wouldn't get 90000000000 spam emails or my identity stolen, I was finally at the point where I thought I could redeem my prize only to be re-routed to the EA game (aka worst prize ever, I was thinking more like free DDP for a year) website... where I was asked to type in a whole bunch of more information.... Thanks but no.

I just wanted everyone to know don't try to redeem your free prize. It is not worth spending 2 hours online to try to get some gay EA sports game that you will never play and even if you do you will probably hate it just because you will be receiving 5 million emails from DR pep and EA telling you to buy their products. At the rate you will be deleting your emails you wont even have time to play and will just have to set it so the computer plays the computer so you can semi watch while you delete your emails and wonder why the hell you thought it would be a good idea to redeem that stupid "Free" prize in the first place.

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