Monday, February 8, 2010


Why is it that every time I use a public restroom I go immediately to the handicap stall? It shouldn't be because I think it is cleaner, because honestly if I lost the use of my legs I would probably have a harder time cleaning up after myself then I do now.... Maybe its because I feel like I wont get STDs by using the same seat as someone who is handicap because they probably haven't gotten any for a while and therefore it is not as likely that they have contracted some form of sexually transmitted disease. Or maybe I just like that stall because it is extra roomy and I don't like to feel so confined while I am using the facilities. I really don't know why I have subconsciously made the decision that the Handicap stall is better but it definitely is.


  1. Abby, this is hilarious, and so true!! You are great.

  2. hahahaha abby this is soooo funny and so awful at the same time! love you, so happy you are blogging.